Adam Csoka Keller

Born in Slovakia, Adam Csoka Keller is an award-winning filmmaker and director. With an aesthetic founded in his Cold War upbringing, he has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions, publishers and fashion houses including the Royal Opera House, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Kunsthalle Basel, Nowness, Dazed and Vogue.

Adam Csoka Keller’s international client list ranges from fashion industry heavyweights, such as Gucci, Cartier and BVLGARI to respected cultural institutions, including Kunsthalle Basel, Q21 and Berghain. Their work has been recognised at the SHOWstudio Fashion Film Awards, the Austrian American Short Film Festival, ASVOFF and the Fashion Film Awards Milano 2017, where they won both “Best New Director” and “Best New Fashion Film” for “Asymptote” (2016). Adam Csoka Keller are members of the Berlin-based multidisciplinary creative studio, 6th Finger.

Moving fluidly between genres, Adam often explores the theme of otherness in his work. Whether recreating the second summer of love for Gucci and Frieze, documenting post revolutionary Ukrainian youth as part of his ICA residency, examining state control and uniformity through fashion or bringing drag to the opera, there is always a strong social message.

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