Health Protocol

Our protocol for protect clients, talent and crew from COVID-19 virus spreading.
Health it’s a priority and for this purpose we constantly update new policies and practices that provide a safe working environment for all of our productions.
AnnapiaLorenzi agency follows the guidelines developed from APA, AICP, CDC, and WHO, and wherever possible we have included additional safety
measures that go above and beyond the recommendations of the medical community.
For safety protocols or answer any questions you can contact us at…………



We prefer to shoot outdoor if it’s possible. If indoor work is required, we ensure that there is sufficient ventilation by keeping doors and windows open.
All indoor surfaces should be sanitised prior to the shoot taking place, and once the shoot has wrapped up.
In particular, we have a specific protocol for guarantee client, talent and crew during the photo shoot.

Screening & Safety

Distribute the studio’s or location’s Health & Safety Covid protocol. Everyone should already be aware of these due to earlier circulation, but it’s of the utmost importance that they are adhered to. Have each shoot attendee sign a document to the effect that have read and understood the guidelines.

On arrival each member of the cast and crew must be screened (both temperature and quick swab)
Ensure that masks are worn at all times, apart from when the shoot is in session.
We dispose sanitising stations all around the studio or location. Participants have to wash or sanitise their hands regularly.
Keep physical interaction between models to a minimum. If touching is required, they should wash or sanitise their hands before and after the session.