Thomas Straub

Thomas Straub has worked as a photographer in advertising for the past 15 years and has developed a uniquely personal style for his fashion and still life work. His command of digital photography has allowed him to exploit his creative potential and use of light, and gives him different possibilities for staging, refined down to the most intricate detail. Thomas knows how to adapt himself to the different demands of top clients, most notably in the world of luxury goods within which he has worked for brands such as: Piaget, De Beers, Hennessy…who have all put their confidence in him forcreative and challenging projects.

Thomas’ individuality is his ability to closely understand the expectations of his clients whilst adding his own creative and constructive suggestions to those of the art directors with whom he collaborates. His photographic work for advertising has led to regular bookings with magazines such as: View on Colours, Bloom and also Vogue Italy, Russia and Spain, for whom he has created more experimental photos alongside renowned stylists. Of German origin, Thomas speaks English, French and German all fluently. He has chosen Paris as his base for twenty years now.

His cultural open mindedness gives him a very good insight into international advertising projects.

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